General Contracting? "We can do that Ourselves!"


The general contractor is responsible for the liability, ordering building materials, and importantly keeping the entire construction project on schedule and within budget.  The general contractor hires and schedules all subcontractors.  Examples are: Framing, Electrical, HVAC, and Plumbing, these are only a few.  Any problem that arises rests on the shoulder's of the general contractor to delegate and solve.  A misstep in building code, lack of trade knowledge, an unfortunate subcontractor hire, can all spell disaster for a project.  We've personally seen this train wreck happen, and everything is affected!   A homeowner must be very careful when taking this position on.  

Helpful Hints

  • Experience is required and watching an entire season of "Flip this House" will not help. 
  • Some contractors are not interested in coaching a homeowner that is not willing to pay for their service & expertise as the general contractor.  
  • A homeowner can turn the best contractors away who wish to general the project themselves and have no idea of the process.