I've heard it time and time again from customers and even our own people, "Warranties aren't worth the paper they're printed on!"

When they don't go as expected, that is always the rebuttal.  The point is all companies have to start and stop somewhere, and being able to understand the fine print will divert you away from a surprise. 


  • An install error is not a warranty claim!  Make sure you or the builder has read the directions on installation.  About 50% of the warranty claims are rejected because the installer attempted to improve on the manufacturers install method. 
  • An install error is not a warranty claim!  Repeated for a reason!!  
  • Warranties protect the consumer from manufacturing defects.  A product failure does not mean as the end user is allowed to choose the solution they want.  Warranties typically state what the manufacturer will do at their discretion.  "Their discretion" is very import terminology, or in other words the company will replace or have an alternative to fix the problem.  These are the rules they have set and will follow even if you do not like the solution.

  • Many warranties cover MATERIALS ONLY.

  • A few warranties cover everything.  A manufacturer that has a tested product may have a warranty that covers product and labor for a certain time period.  This is a highly advertised selling point.  

  • Installation is Acceptance. If a product has a noticeable defect do not install it.  The product will be replaced.  Who will pay to tear out the defective one?  Who will pay to install the right one? 

  • CLASS-ACTION LAWSUIT  Something has gone wrong with a product or service and the damage is affecting a large group of people.  An important thing to remember with a class-action is that the company with the failed product has been to court.  A judge has already awarded money to be dispersed to its class members based on quantities purchased.  This money has been placed in escrow and is to be used to cover the expense of the defective product.  The process is handled by an administrator that may or not be affiliated with the original company.  With a class-action you must prove you are a class member.  This will be made evident by filing proper paperwork, documentation of ownership, and photographs.  These steps eliminate fraud.  Again these are the rules, attempting to fight on a predetermined settlement is a losing battle.  IMPORTANT: A cashed check is an agreement to the settlement.  The consumer has agreed to that amount and cannot reopen the case.

  • Minimum-maintenance.  Periodically you must clean the product.  Use what the manufacturer suggests.  In extreme cases using the wrong cleaner can void a warranty!

  • Pay attention to what will void a warranty.  Example: Having a dog or cat indoors will void a floor warranty  Many times the warranty is just that straightforward.