passion for Design


Since 1946 we have been a lumber yard geared towards design.

Years ago every little town had a lumber yard; it was the one place to go when something needed to be built or repaired.  There was not a lot of shopping for price back then; you needed it and you had to get that project done.  The price was fair and the advice was good.  It was a guarantee someone behind the counter knew that this was the right material for your job.

Times have changed.

How many little lumber yards have you seen from town to town?  They are few and far between. Prices couldn't be matched from box store competitors.  If there was little value added to a sale, price became king.

Why are we still around?

We design!  We have been designing for all these years!  Nothing has changed how we operate.  You can still buy lumber by the piece, and you can get good advice on what works best.  Prices are still competitive and you can build your dream home through us too!  That is what has kept us going strong all these years.   

The ability to design is that simple little piece of value-added service that not just everyone has.  The experience and plan knowledge we have cannot be matched. 

Details Matter.

When you design with us you get a custom plan that your contractor can build. Our plan includes your layout, rough openings for the doors and windows you choose, room sizes you have determined, and exterior features you want to see.

It's about you!

A new home is a once in a lifetime investment.  We have almost 70 years of experience behind us, so you can be confident your project is in good hands.


Many clients we talk to are unsure how to start the whole design process.  That’s what we’re here for!  Whether it’s a remodel or a completely new design we will walk you through the process step by step.  We have the knowledge and expertise to help you avoid common pitfalls and fit a plan to your budget.


Step 1.  Initial meeting
Meet with one of sales staff to discover how we can help with your project.
Step 2.  Ideas to paper
Gather your ideas, images and wish lists, to help us envision your dream
We will begin sketching.
Step 3. Paper to CAD drawing
We’ve got a direction! We can move on to preliminary drawings and estimating your project.  
Step 4.  Modifications
Did our visions match? At this stage any necessary changes are discussed.
Step 5.  Estimate and Product Review
Meet with sales staff to discuss estimate and discuss products chosen.
Step 6.  Final Review and Permit Ready
Final review and permit ready plan is completed
and copies are issued. Changes now can increase lead times. 


Managing product choices is by far the most challenging part of the entire project. It seems like there are hundreds of choices with almost every item.  The simple items are complicated by hardware colors, species, finishes, and much more.  Our online system is based off of Google docs and is designed to consolidate choices and break them down so you can decipher it all. This program makes us accountable too, because we want to make sure we order what you want!  Real time adjustments can be made by: commenting, image uploading, and sign offs.

This is the master file for your project, if changes are made everybody in your project group knows instantly!